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About Beth   
I, Beth Nelson, have been in the helping profession for over twenty-five years, and in private practice for over ten years.  I have an MA in Counseling from Trevecca University, and my state license for Professional Counseling (LPC-MHSP).  I also hold the status of National Certified Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors.   My approach is client centered and focuses on the importance of the therapeutic relationship and empowerment.  I specialize in PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, and Depression.  In addition to individual counseling, I also work with teens.  

I work with issues such as childhood trauma, abuse in relationships, adjusting to circumstances that seem overwhelming, family of origin, nontraditional families, illness, career, stress, self-esteem, communication, grief, transition, and more.
I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years and have been teaching for seventeen years.  I pursue the belief that one can gain insight from physical movement, and then move inward for a body- mind-soul connection.  I am a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor at the Intermediate Junior I level.  I have traveled to Pune, India twice, both times to study for a month at the Iyengar Institute.  In Nashville, I teach yoga at the Iyengar Yoga Center of Nashville, 12 South Yoga.  See schedule below. Also, I am a Certified Yoga Therapist.

Another fact about me - I am ordained through The School of Healing Arts.  I offer energy work sessions at my office. Energy work sessions include approximately 20 minutes of talking and 35 minutes on the table.  

Energy Work sessions and Yoga Therapy sessions are not covered by insurance.  See below for fees.

From the Article "Using Hatha Yoga in Counseling" by Brammer & Ingram (presented at American Counseling Association Conference 2010):
These yoga benefits have resulted in better stress management for high school students (Venkataramana, Poomalil & Shobhasree, 2008), people recovering from drug/alcohol abuse (Lohman, 1999), eating disorders (Scime & Cook-Cottone, 2008), sleep quality and hormonal regulation (Vera, Manzaneque, Maldonado, Rodriguez, Morell, Blanca, et al. 2009), and countless other stress-related issues. The process is effective because it provides a way to remove unconscious, self-defeating mechanisms and also provides maintenance for continued restoration.
The essence of the philosophy is to overcome the shell or façade we display to others and ourselves. Eliot (2008) provides several great metaphors for explaining this. We can view the ego as a Halloween costume. We put it on, forget we are wearing, and learn to think of this as ourselves. When the itchy costume starts to rub us wrong, we might move it around a little or add pads to protect ourselves from it, but, ultimately, we are only healed when we accept ourselves and remove the costume. According to this, the journey of self-enlightenment is not something we choose to start. We are already on it. We must simply allow our awareness to drift beneath our present concerns and worries until we find spaciousness and peace.
According to this philosophy, physical postures and their associated breathing, help align the body, mind, and spirit. Through these routines, we unlock the nadis (invisible channels that carry energy) and prana (the life-force in the body) (Eliot, 2008). We do this by allowing our minds to focus on trains of thought. Allowing all of our thoughts to flow through us until they are no longer hidden. Once known, we become aware of how some anxiety and self-judgment have directed our behaviors and tightened our bodies. Beginners are often surprised to realize that they are carrying dozens maybe even hundreds of thoughts. We look at each one and release it.

Counseling Practice Location:
2200 21st Ave South
Suite 209
Nashville, TN  37212
Phone: 615.545.9423
After you have made an appointment, when you arrive, enter my waiting room from the hallway.

Mon:  10-4
Tues: 10a-7p
Wed:  2-7p
Thurs: 10a-7p
Fri:  varies

Insurance Accepted:  I am a provider on these panels:
BCBS, Magellan, Cigna (including EAP), American Behavioral, Anthem EAP, Value Options (Beacon), Ulliance EAP, Mutual of Omaha EAP

United (Optum) - out of net work only

Counseling $100
Energy Work $100
Yoga Therapy $100

All sessions are approximately 50 minutes.

"Interrupting our destructive habits and awakening our heart is the work of a lifetime."  Pema Chodron

Public Yoga Classes:
Wednesday:  10:15 am, 12 South Yoga Iyengar Center (level 1-2)

                                 Friday:  8 am (beginner level 1), 12 South


                      I am also available for private yoga sessions.

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